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Tools of personal and collective protection

One of the strategic goals of OJSC "Corporation "Respiro" is to provide a comfortable and safe working conditions in the areas of human activities, with increased requirements towards safety of personnel - namely, providing equipment for individual and collective protection.

Purification of air and atmospheric pollution

Corporation offers the following services and products:
- Engineering of air supply systems for houses and industrial buildings:
- Installation of air supply systems and air-conditioning;
- Air supplying and air-conditioning systems servicing;
- Air filters of different complexity.

Water resources protection

The Corporation provides a full design cycle of engineering infrastructure facilities and offers cooperation in the field of using new technologies, based on up-to-date requirements to water resources protection.

Energy efficiency and conservation

The Corporation takes an active part in ensuring the Government programs approved by the Government of the Russian Federation and offers assistance in the following:
- Internal financial audit and determination of the portion of energy consumption in the cost structure;
- Energy inspection of the company;
- Drafting of energy passport for enterprise and its individual objects.

Waste management and recycling

The Corporation provides methods of solving problems such as removal, processing and neutralization of municipal waste, based on a systematic approach:
- Separate collection of waste;
- Utilization of secondary resources and waste storage on engineer equipped landfills;
- Controlled sorting and biomechanical recycling of waste with maximum utilization of secondary resources;
- Thermal decomposition (burning) of ballast waste.


Corporation offers the following services:
- Development of environmental monitoring programs;
- Development of production control programs for environmental impact of various kinds of pollution;
- Preparation of schedules for production control over industrial emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into water bodies;
- Making plans of measures to reduce emissions and discharges;
- Program of mining and environmental monitoring.


Corporation develops the following areas in agriculture:
- Use of new technologies for growing crops;
- Introduction of new technologies in the harvesting and long-term fodder storage, as well as fruits and vegetables without losing its nutritional value and flavoring qualities;
- increasing yields of organic products.

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