Water resources protection

At the current stage of human civilization development there is an acute problem of water resource protection from depletion and pollution. JSC "Corporation "Respiro" is taking active participation in ensuring the rational use of these resources for the needs of the national economy and healthy lifestyle of people.

In Russian communal services average water consumption is 32lpd per person, which exceeds the normative on 15-20%. Occurrence of the high value of specific water consumption is due to the large water losses, in some cities up to 40% (corrosion and deterioration of water supply systems, drain). There is an acute issue regarding the quality of drinking water: a quarter of communal services pipelines and third of the departmental delivers water without sufficient purity.

Prospects of rational reproduction of technological water consumption related with the creation of re-sequential, circulating and closed water supply systems at the enterprises. It is based on the amazing water property that allows it not to change its physical essence after taking part in the production processes.

Besides the Corporation believes that one of the main ways to meet the needs of society in the water is the engineering reproduction of water resources, its recovery and increase not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively.

Taking care of pure water - means care for life..

The Corporation provides a full design cycle of engineering infrastructure facilities and offers cooperation in the field of using new technologies, based on up-to-date requirements to water resources protection and ready to render services in the development and implementation of projects in the following areas:

- Treatment facilities for surface wastewater;
- Efficient operation of wastewater collection systems;
- Treatment facilities; choice of technology and purification level;
- Study of losses in wastewater systems;
- Treatment facilities for water re-use in industry and agriculture;
- Wastewater recycling systems;
- Sediment removal systems;
- Water supply and sewerage:
water intake structures
pump stations
water treatment plants
basic water supply and drainage schemes for human settlements
- Installation work of any complexity; "turnkey";
- Customer service: seasonal, annual, technical support of facilities or equipment after commissioning;
- Pre project research, project documentation with accompaniment in the State Examination, working documentation, supervision.

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