Purification of air and atmospheric pollution

OJSC "Corporation "Respiro" believes that the most valuable thing for human life - is air. Providing technical measures for the atmospheric air protection means care about the future of mankind.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation declared human rights to health (section 41) and to a favorable environment (section 42). The federal law On Environmental Protection states that every citizen has the right to a favorable environment and its protection against the negative impact, caused by the economic and other activities. Development and implementation of measures to eliminate and prevent the air pollution is regulated by the federal law On Air Protection.

Law regulates relations in the field of atmospheric air protection to improve its condition and provide a favorable environment for human habitation, as well as to prevent harmful impact and to ensure rational use of air in the industry.

OJSC "Corporation "Respiro" is confident that effective way to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere is the introduction of low-waste and non-waste productions and technological processes, as well as increasing the efficiency of existing air purification systems, the introduction of closed air cycles with partial recirculation of air.

Industrial units, especially newly commissioned, must be equipped with dust and gas capture tools. Classification of dust catching systems is based on the fundamental features of the cleaning process. Regarding the choice of a particular type of equipment it depends on the type of dust, its physical and chemical properties, particulate composition and the total content of it in the air.

Besides production of personal protective equipment, which allow to breathe clean air, the Corporation offers a wide range of filters for industrial and service companies. Enterprises owned by the Corporation are equipped in accordance with the highest technological requirements. During the process of filters manufacturing we use high quality materials which conform international standards.

Variety of tasks in the issue of air supply cleaning in ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, has generated the creation of a wide range of air filters that have different designs and efficiency classes.

Associated companies and affiliated organizations produce nomenclature for air filters, which allow to solve any kinds of air purification tasks.

All manufactured filters are environmentally friendly, made ​​in accordance with the specifications and certified by GOST R EN 13779-2007

Production is certified by ISO 9001-2008. Quality of products is guaranteed by the input and output control system.

OJSC “Corporation “Respiro” is opened for all business partnership opportunities and offers the following services and products:

- Engineering of air supply systems for houses and industrial buildings
- Installation of air supply systems and air-conditioning
- Air supplying and air-conditioning systems servicing
- Air filters of different complexity.

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