(The management of) OJSC "Corporation "Respiro" is confident that any impact on the environment should be carried out strictly in accordance with the law.

The basis for this is the environmental monitoring - surveillance and control, carried out regularly and by the specific program for assessment of the environmental condition, analysis of occurring processes and identification of its changes in proper time.

The aim of the environmental monitoring is ensuring safety management system with timely and reliable information. Legislative basis for environmental control regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation dated 10 January 2002. Number 7 - FZ "On Environmental Protection".

Objects being under monitoring - the environment in general and its individual elements, as well as all kinds of economic activities which are a potential threat to human health and environmental safety.

Main principles of the monitoring organization are integration, systematization and commonality.

The sequence of the monitoring steps:
dimension - analysis - description - simulation - optimization.

Particularly, environmental monitoring is a comprehensive system of supervisions: assessment of the environment and forecast of changes. Within the framework of the UN Environment Program it was tasked to combine national systems of monitoring into a single interstate network - "Global Environmental Monitoring System" (GEMS).

OJSC "Corporation "Respiro" helps to create improved systems for the environmental monitoring, which will allow adequately address strategic tasks of the territories management, considering environmental imperative and will ensure environmental protection with concern for the future generations.
We offer the following services:

- Development of environmental monitoring programs;
- Development of production control programs for environmental impact of various kinds of pollution;
- Preparation of schedules for production control over industrial emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into water bodies;
- Making plans of measures to reduce emissions and discharges;
- Program of mining and environmental monitoring.

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