Useful and environmentally friendly products:
- Vegetables;
- Dairy products ;
- Meat.

Agriculture - the field of economics, aimed at ensuring population with foodstuffs as well as preparation of feedstock for a number of other industries. This business area is one of the most important and it is represented almost in all countries. Globally, agriculture employs around 1 billion of the economically active population.

The role of agriculture in the economy of the country or region shows its structure and level of development.

Technological innovations are making progressive changes in the development of agriculture, as well as providing a competitive advantage in carrying business.

Among a plurality of innovations in the field of agriculture, OJSC “Corporation “Respiro” allocates and develops the following:
-use of new technologies for growing crops;
-introduction of new technologies in the harvesting and long-term fodder storage, as well as fruits and vegetables without losing its nutritional value and flavoring qualities;
-increasing yields of organic products.

Agro-projects of Corporation "Respiro" are based on expensive and environmentally safe agricultural products.

Corporation "Respiro" provides all the necessary assistance in the development, acquisition and introduction in manufacture of agricultural technological innovations.

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